Georgetown Hockey Heritage Council

Recognizing Outstanding Contrbution to Georgetown's Hockey Heritage Since 1978

GEORGETOWN HOCKEY HERITAGE CITATIONS                                                                                      In recognition of Individuals, Organizations or Groups that have made                                                      SIGNIFICANT CONTRIBUTIONS to GEORGETOWN HOCKEY HERITAGE
1997  1997 2001 2004
Herb Arnold Garfield McGilvray Manley Densmore Jo Anna Alchin
Jim Buck Anne McMenemy Don Fendley Joan Anderson
Wheldon Emmerson Earl McPherson Bill Hawkins Paul Armstrong
Fred Engleby Madeline Pries Bob Malcolmson Keith Bennett
Jessie Hayes Shirley Simpson Dave Osborne Bill Marcolini
Ted King George Webster Gerry Osborne John Wemyss
Norm Long   Roy Snell  
2007 2010 2013 2017 
Jim Barclay Sheila Campbell Gord Campbell Tina Sykes 
John Boyce Tony Graham Smith Theresa Campbell Steve Hoare 
Ron Faulkner Steve Highfield Barb Hanman Howie Walker 
Jack Handy Dr Ron Lefebvre Stan Lorusso Jay Anderson 
Don Olsen Lori Martin Clint Peacock  
Al Walker John Murphy    
  Dennis Norton    
  Rick Sedore    
GHHC MEMORIAL PLAQUE                                                                                                        DEDICATED TO THE MEMORY OF MURRAY EZEARD March 1, 1987                                                             In recognition of outstanding contributions to GEORGETOWN HOCKEY HERITAGE
1982 1987 1992 1997
Edward Bellingal Jack Armstrong Junior Beaumont Gordon Alcott
Percy Blackburn Norm Hill Bill Fisher Bill Hunter
Angus Duncan Doug McIntyre Jim Mackie Bill Richmond
James Richardson Gord Spence Ken McMillan Rev. Len Self
Ernie Thompson Sheeny Tost Joe Pentesco Jim Yates
2002 2008 2013 2017 
Wilfred Brownlow Ed Brown Bill Anderson Brian Snow 
Joe Hall `Red` Cuthbert Jack Gudgeon Sr Don Jarvie 
Ted King Nick Ferri Harry Levy Judy Pries 
Trevor Moores Gary Louth Dave Martin Frank Connely 
Jim Sargent Bert Osborne Howard Murphy  

The date for the 2023 Awards Dinner coming soon.

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